How to join

If all the requirements are met to join. There are a few steps to follow.

Join the [F-OFF] recruiting channel

Click the “+” button beside the chat channel tabs in your chat window.
In the “Channels” box type “F-OFF Now

Adding a new channel

Then Click “Join” once you’re in the channel, greet yourself and someone will get with you as soon as possible.


Eve-HR is an ESI check site that allows us to look into your history to ensure you are not a spy or someone looking to join the corporation just to steal items from a hanger and bail.

Go to our Eve-HR site at scroll down and fill out the short questionnaires at the bottom. 

EVE-HR landing page for F-OFF

Once you’ve filled out eh questionnaire click the “APPLY” button at the bottom of the page

Click apply

Once you click apply, you’ll be promted to login to CCP’s ESI authentication. 

You should always verify with ANY ESI check that you are using CCP’s oAUTH services and not a phishing service. To do so, ensure that the login url starts with “” 

Log in with your eve credentials, You will be prompted to allow the webapp to have read access to certain information within your account. No access to account names or passwords are in these fields. CCP has a very firm handle on their oAUTH services and DO NOT allow access to any information that could harm your account.

Teamspeak Interview

Once your Eve-HR ESI check has been submitted, a recruiter will sift through your past. If you do not seem like a risk to the corporation, a recruiter will re-approach you and ask for you to join the Teamspeak server for a voice interview. 

If your interview checks out. You will be talked to by a recruiter and filled in with information prior to joining the corporation. The information given to you will consist of safe routes and how to authenticate yourself with our services.