Requirements to join

Over time Federation of Freedom Fighters has overcome many hurdles of recruitment and have had made many changes to the recruitment process.


Federation of Freedom Fighters has a minimal requirement to join [F-OFF]


[F-OFF]’s attitude is a very brotherly attitude. We are constantly hounding each other almost like brothers. But when push comes to shove, [F-OFF] knows we are all family and will protect each other on any front. With that a certain level of “thick skin” must be achieved to fit well with [F-OFF].


[F-OFF] is primarily a PvP corporation with a very large industrial backbone. ALL pilots are required to PvP when a neutral/hostile enters our space or a CTA is called. 


All [F-OFF] members are required to participate with the corporation in any aspect they can. From PvP to Industry to corp logistics. If you are a member of [F-OFF] you will participate with the corp. Failure to do so will result in consultation with leadership that could result in removal from the corporation.

Minimum Skillpoints

Minimal skill point requirement for joining [F-OFF] is 10,000,000 (Ten Million) skill points.

Freedom Fighter Academy

If you do not have the minimum skillpoints [F-OFF] has an alt corp, [F-ON] Freedom Fighter Academy, that you can join. During your time in [F-ON] you will be called for CTAs, Roams, and other various projects the main body, [F-OFF] is orchestrating.


Teamspeak 3

[F-OFF]’s Teamspeak 3 Server

Teamspeak 3 is our primary voice communication used. It is required all [F-OFF] and [F-ON] members have teamspeak 3 and are on voice comms with [F-OFF].

If you do not have Teamspeak 3, you can download it here.  

A Microphone is also required. If you do not have microphone, you will be unable to join [F-OFF] and will be asked to join [F-ON] until you can get a microphone sorted for yourself.


[F-OFF]’s Discord

Discord is [F-OFF]’s primary notification service. It is utilized for immediate pings, contacting a corp member and operations.

Discord is also used for alliance and coalition notifications. 

If you do not have Discord you can utilize the web app at or you can download it at

Discord also supports mobile, which is very valuable to yourself and the corporation for upcoming operations and pings. 


[IOU]’s mumble

Mumble is [IOU]’s (EVICTUS.) primary communications application. It is required all corporation members of [F-OFF] have it installed and are on standby in it when you are in space.

Mumble is also used by the coalition.