Ship Replacement Program (SRP)


SRP will be handed out for any corp level events such as home defense, roaming fleets, or CTAs.

Claiming SRP

To claim a SRP. Fill out a request on the auth services. or follow the link given by leadership via discord, eve mail, and/or corp/fleet chat.

To do so, click on Ship Replacement. There should be a fleet name with a Fleet SRP code or a link will be provided by leadership. Click on the fleet SRP code then link your zKillboard loss.

Then use the tables below to create a contract to Federation of Freedom Fighters for the correct SRP amount and the zkill link of your loss in the description. NOTE: Please ensure the contract is created by the character that lost the ship.

After SRP is reviewed by leadership, your contract will be accepted or denied.
SRP will only be handed to those that have purchased fleet ships on their own accord and are in proper doctrine ships with proper fittings.

If you are flying an older fit, leadership will give you a notice to change your fits accordingly. Older fits, given a certain timeline, will still be SRP’d until after the timeline has expired. 

Static SRP Rates


Ship Isk Ship Isk
Sabre   $68,000,000.00 Flycatcher   $84,000,000.00
Eris   $61,000,000.00 Heretic   $73,000,000.00

Tackle T1 Frigates

Ship SRP Ship SRP
Slasher $7,500,000 Breacher $10,000,000
Condor $7,500,000 Merlin $10,000,000
Atron $7,500,000 Incursus $10,000,000
Executioner $7,500,000 Punisher $10,000,000


Ship SRP Ship SRP
Stiletto $25,000,000 Crow $25,000,000
Ares $25,000,000 Malediction $25,000,000

Anunna (Muninn) Doctrine

Ship SRP Ship SRP
Muninn $225,000,000 Scimitar $207,500,000
Huginn $280,000,000 Lachesis $347,000,000
Loki (links) $387,000,000 Stork $78,300,000

Bashing (Vexor) Docrtrine

Ship SRP Ship SRP
Vexor $11,000,000 Scythe $9,500,000

Chicken Tendies (Harbinger) Doctrine

Harbinger $54,000,000 Osprey $14,100,000

Galveston (Hurricane) Doctrine

Ship SRP Ship SRP
Hurricane (DPS) $38,000,000 Scythe $19,600,000
Hurricane (Boosts) $43,000,000 Celestis $23,200,000
Black Bird $15,400,000 Bellicose $17,500,000